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You're a loony...
Suprise me. 
4th-May-2006 09:54 am
It's hard to believe there's only seven days left in school... it can't be real. It seems I've been waiting my entirelife for this week, but it doesn't seem that special at all. Just another going-through-the-motions week in May, as if i still have a month and a half to go until summer vacation, sleep late, go to camp, then another normal school year after that. It's so forgeign not having school after this, my body must be rejecting it like a bad transplant. Too new, too wild, it isn't real. May 12th is my last day of homeschooling :)

Then St. Anselm in the fall. same deal though... my parents wonder why im not more ecstatic and leaping off the walls, because it was my first choice and they know how much it means to me, but i think it's the same deal as with my ending homeschooling - it's almost too good to be true. my mind rejects it somehow. maybe this summer it'll all hit me at once. that'd be nice.

As for working... it's all cool. i dont remember if i mentioned this in a post but im working at bourques market in lewiston in the meat dept, wrapping and selling dead animals. its actually not that bad, it's like christmas all year round with all the wrapping and taping i do. and i meet interesteing people every day and serve them food. it's a good life on minimum wage.

hmmm.... that's all i think. algebra beckons.
4th-May-2006 11:27 pm (UTC)
It's amazing that you get to go to college next fall, congrats by the way!
Just wondering, but why did you like st anselms? I guess I can't say since I haven't visited, but I've gotten the impression that there are a lot of preppy people who are rude to anyone who does not fit their standards. I had a teacher who told us stories about guys basically torturing him when he went there.
5th-May-2006 05:19 pm (UTC)
Well i never heard what you heard obviously... but it's a good english program, solid liberal arts, perfect location, and they gave me soooo much aid, i could'nt resist. as for rude people, there are some in every crowd, right?
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