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You're a loony...
Graduation, 2006 
6th-Jan-2008 05:30 pm
When I was asked to speak about the future, I seized the

opportunity because I thought, “Hey, it hasn’t happened yet, I can

say anything I want!” But I would like to be serious for a minute

and share a few philosophies I enjoy about the future.

First of all, life can be crazy, so learn to adapt. Every person

here is evolving, even as we speak. Some are changing slowly,

and some, young people like us, are changing more quickly and

much more dramatically. You could say the very essence of life is

change. In every nanosecond, trillions of hearts beat, life cycles

spin, and the feet of explorers leave footprints where none have

been laid before. In every eon, mountains crawl, oceans flood, and

civilizations come and pass, leaving only ruins upon the earth.

You could say, the only constant in this world is change.

Class of 2006, we live in interesting times. Just take a look at

the world around us, changing faster than it ever has before. To

survive in the modern jungle, any explorers will have to adapt to

new surroundings and circumstances, if they want to arrive where

they intended. Define your goals, and drive around your obstacles,

let the changes around you change you and become a part of who

you are, and they will ultimately make you stronger.

And as for your goals… and finding success, what exactly is

success? Is there a single moment in any person’s life in which

they can honestly say, “I’m here, I’ve done it all, I’ve done

everything, I’ve played life and I got a high score?” I truly believe

that success comes from setting your own personal goals, not only

adhering to the goals that everyone else deems are important. Set

your own course.

Imagining your own goals sounds easier than it actually is. I

haven’t decided what career I want to follow, and I imagine many

of you haven’t either. But when I look into the future, I try to

picture myself doing more than just satisfying my goals concerning

myself. I would like to leave behind something more than just my

footprints. By helping my community in whatever way I can, I’m

leaving behind something like a monument. I’m not building

pyramids, but I am creating a new and better world for future


With just a few simple closing remarks, I would like to say

that I hope you enjoy the last precious moments before you receive

your diploma, and afterwards, keep close whatever wisdom you

have gained through your education here with the Royal Academy,

through your parents and tutors, and through the community and

the world around you.

Thank you very much .
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