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You're a loony...
Yeah... Like I'd never update again. It's been almost two months… 
28th-Apr-2006 09:05 am
Yeah... Like I'd never update again.

It's been almost two months since I did, and I've pretty much got a lot to talk about...

-Went to Honduras. Flew down in one day, my first flight on a commercial aircraft. Went 48 hours without sleep but was overall ok (only got searched once getting into the country :P) Once in Yoro on Friday morning, we took our bus (and our amazing bus driver, Alberto) to the house where we were supposed to work. This thing was flippin big. No roof. We spent Friday demolishing the rubble from the walltops and the rest of the workdays cutting rebar, building forms on the walltops, and mixing/pouring cement into the forms. We almost got the entire roof done.
As for mixing with the Hondurans, it was a little harder than mixing cement. Although I knew almost no spanish, i learned a few helpful survival phrases like "thanks" and "please"... stuff any third grader knows lol. But I guess they understood I couldn't offer much else - they were kind anyways. Met an aspiring musician named "Nien" and his waaaaay out of tune guitar (i didnt know how to say "let me tune it" in spanish... i let it go :P). Nice people.
When I was picturing the trip, all I could see was jungle. Once there, it seemed more like arizona. Dry dustiness was all there was. I am very excited however, there were coconut trees outside my hotel :D
The trip changed me in ways I have not yet fully comprehended... so I'll leave the rest blank, to be filled in another day :)

-The night I got back (a freezing 40 degrees after Yoro's 90!) I got my acceptance letter to St. Anselm College in Manchester :). A presidential scholar in the class of 2010!!!! I'm pretty much over the initial orgasms of excitement, but it's still themostawesomeamazingness. I visited the open house and had a tour... etc. Incredible :D

-A job! That's right, I'm back in the miserable working world. Bourques Market in Lewiston hired me as a part time, then full time worker in the meat dept. It's like christmas season all year round, wrapping gift after gift. tis fun :)

-Still no show :( but it doesn't bother me too much. I've been trying to write some new songs... but nothing comes out. My drain of creativity has been plugged. I've got some tunes worked out, but lyrics kill me. eh.... it'll come some day.

-Apparently I have the reputation of being a man-whore now that I have a new girlfriend... but I don't have anything to say about that at all.

-My CPR certification runs out today. Must retake the course if I want any extra money this summer.

-Writing poetry sucks... especially when I can't write my own eclectic-experimental type. No, it must be something that contains literary qualities and the ideas must be expressed with condensed word choices and direct imagery. we've been raping these amazing poems for the last three weeks... it sucks. I compare it thus-
A poem is like an orange soda. Do you like it? Yes. How can you enjoy it for what it is if you're bombarded by questions like whats the color? shade of orange? size of bottle? cone or dome? length? approximate time of bubble releasage? aftertaste? strength needed to open cap?
it becomes boring. There's my point.

I think that's all I need to say right now... toodles
29th-Apr-2006 01:40 pm (UTC)
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